Answer the following 2 questions. (400 words for each question):

1- In addition to discussing the possibility of non-human persons, Glenn Cohen says there can also be non-person humans. The existence of non-person humans seems to be one possible consequence of the capacities approach to personhood. Can you think of examples of non-person humans? What would make them humans, but not persons? If not, why is there no possibility of non-person humans?

2-Eric Muraille says that “for an ethical system to become more than just a simple mind game and instead a social project, it must at the very least not be built on a manifest denial of reality. It must be concretely applicable.” In what ways does Muraille think anti-speciesism and veganism are not “realistic” bases for human societies? Do you agree with him about this? Explain your answer.

Helpful materials:
– For question 1 – Personhood video:

-The article mentioned in question 2:


The first group of non-person humans would be based upon Maryanne’s Warren’s cognitive criteria of personhood. Warren’s criteria of personhood present five criteria, namely: Consciousness, Reasoning, Self-motivated activity, Capacity to communicate and Self-awareness (Crash Course Philosophy,4.06-4.43). Warren claims that humans that do not meet the criteria are not persons, not yet. From this perception, fetus, and infant are considered non-person humans because they lack self-awareness, reasoning and the capacity to communicate………………………………………………