Opinion on Climate Change

Environmental Policies


Climate change is a controversial topic across the world. This problem is particularly critical as it threatens the survival of the human race in years to come. Moreover, this, climate change are detrimental because it affects all countries, regardless of whether or not they are responsible for carbon emissions. For this reason, global warming requires various forms of responses and policies which change or challenge the traditional economic and technological advancements. According to Gupta (2019), various scientists agree on the extent of the problem and its effects on the world. However, disagreements set in when discussing the multiple ways of solving this problem. Depending on the vast nature of global warming, it is only natural that more than one method is used to control and reduce the problem. This paper aims to discuss the different ways of curbing global warming, as pointed out by various articles in the media.

Gupta (2019) explains that policymakers are responsible for coming up with a suitable international system that will decrease carbon dioxide levels……………………………