Human Factors for Patient Safety

POM5005 Major Essay – Question

The Major Essay has a threshold hurdle: Must Pass this Essay to pass the course.


Review the findings of the Kirkup report into the Morecambe Bay maternity services. Discuss the findings in terms of climate, culture, accountability and organisational learning. How would a safety reporting system be structured to align with the theories of accident causation, culture and risk you have learned in this unit?


Unit Coordinator’s comment

The Morecombe Bay / Kirkup report is merely an example for you to apply it to. We have provided an abridged version of the report – if you want, you can source and read the entire report, but we have selected the most relevant sections for you to save you time and effort.


You can download the The Morecombe Bay / Kirkup report via following link,




  1. The Major Essay has a threshold hurdle. Students must achieve at least 45% of the marks available for the Major Essay and a minimum of 50% to pass the unit overall. Failure to meet the hurdle requirement may result in failure of the unit.


  1. Expected Word Count: 3000 words. All font sizes > 12 point.
    Only 3000 words will be marked (with a 10 percent margin of error)


  1. The following are NOT included in the word count:
  2. Text in diagrams
  3. References


  1. You MUST use Vancouver referencing style for your assignments.
    Please refer to  Vancouver Referencing Guides.


Note From Professor

“For an essay of 3000 words I’d expect at least 25-30. Having said that, I’m more interested in the quality of your sources – are they peer reviewed, do they come from quality journals or books or leading authors within the field, and how well do they support your argument. Also for this essay, your main source will be the Kirkup report. I think you should reference it once, but you don’t need to reference it every time.”