Describe the barriers and challenges that have slowed the progress of advanced practice nursing. Compare the credibility of the early role to the role at this time.

Nursing DNP


In 2004, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing proposed a standardized national test (Doctor of Nursing Practice) degree to curb the challenges of the nursing profession in the country. The aim was to standardize all practice entry qualifications for al APNs by 2015, but the initiative was unsuccessful. Currently, there are measures to ensure that nurses provide quality care, which beats the original purpose of the DNP degree, i.e., quality control. For instance, AGACNPs require a license that is renewable every five years to practice. AGCNPs diagnose and manage diseases, as well as promote the health of geriatric patients with critical, complex, and acute health conditions. Thesis statement: the country should not adopt a standardized set of requirements for all……………………………….