Company: Sally Beauty

Company: Sally Beauty

Company: Sally Beauty


*Your final project will apply the concepts we learn in the class to your chosen firm. A skeleton outline is below. Pages are a suggestion of what a strong project looks like, but they are not a hard limit. Content is the most essential piece to achieving a strong grade.


*As you can see below, the first 8 chapters are fundamental to every business. What you will learn in these chapters is a diverse set of mental models that can be applied to whatever context you find yourself in.


You will need to fully analyze your firm using the tools found in these chapters. Chapters 9-16 are a deep dive into more context-specific areas of business. You will choose the three chapters that are most relevant to your situation and use the tools found in these chapters to analyze your firm.


After you have chosen your firm, work with your team to decide on what 3 chapters from 9-16 are most relevant to your situation.


Chapter 1 – Gracie

Answer the below questions. (1/2 Page each)

What goals does your firm have – Both short and long-term?

Briefly describe their competitive environment

What resources do they have?

How have they implemented their strategy historically? In the past 3 years?

Chapter 2 – Gracie

Performance – analyze the firm’s performance – compare to 3-4 close industry competitors (pg 40) (1/2 page – 1 page)

Where do you see their performance going in the next 5 years? (1/2 Page)

Chapter 3 – Anjelica

Analyze the General Environment and use Porter’s 5 Forces to complete an Industry Analysis – 5-10 pages

Chapter 4 – Stacy 

Analyze your industry using strategic groups and segmentation. Draw a strategic group map and explain. (2-5 pages)


Chapter 5 – Newton

Use both Value Chain & RBV Analysis to analyze your firm value. (5 Pages) add graphs or charts, tables

Chapter 6 – TBone

Analyze the Organization of the firm (4-6 Pages)

Chapter 7 – TBone & Cintia

Describe your firm’s Competitive Advantage. (8-10 Pages)

Chapter 8 – Cintia

Analysis of Industry Evaluation (What stage in the industry life cycle are we in? What has the history of your industry competition looked like up to this point?) (5-10 Pages)

Chapters 9-16

Choose 3 of the most relevant chapters and use those tools to analyze your firm. (5-10 Pages Each)

  • Chapter 10: Competitive Advantage in Mature Industries – Stacy
  • Chapter 12: Chapter 12 – Global Strategy and the Multinational Corporation – Christine

Chapter 16: Chapter 16 – Current Trends in Strategic Management – Newton (5 pages) add graphs or charts, tables